i love platonic cuddling so much. its lovely. its one of the most comforting things i’ve done. i am grateful.

Time rots everything.

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update 4/18/14

listening to: slow animals- the strokes

its been a long week but today for a short hour was completely lovely.


i love my boyfriend, he’s so pretty and tall. people keep telling me that he’s just a tree but they don’t know anything about love

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Arctic Monkeys - 505

Rei Ryugazaki: no glasses, no clothes edition.

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420 is so close I can almost taste all the bad jokes I’ll have to weed through


a list of reasons i would be the worst girlfriend ever

  • extremely ticklish
  • runs away from feelings
  • also problems
  • bad communicator
  • awkward and shy around people i like
  • refuses to make plans ever
  • sarcastic asshole